The benefits of negative comments

Have you ever left negative comments on a blog? Does it do any good?

When people create, whether it is content, art, or something else, they do so for their own reasons.  Some try to educate, some try to help, some try to entertain.  Often people will create regardless of whether anyone sees their creations.  So, does it really help to leave nasty comments that let the artist/creator know that they disappointed you?

Content producers want feedback and comments.  We want to know what readers think.  As consumers of content, we have the responsibility to provide feedback.  If your feedback is, “This is crap”, your feedback is not wanted.  If your feedback is constructive, “I think you could do better if you changed this”, then we welcome it.

Don’t complain about the free content you consume.  It is free and often takes the producer a considerable amount of time to produce.  If you want to offer constructive criticism, do it in a friendly manner.  If you disagree with the content, fine.  Just do so with some tact.

The world would be a better place if we just treated each other with respect.  Let’s start with our comments online.

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