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Welcome to Can You Etch It, the web’s first laser engraving series that specializes in laser engraving strange, unique, and even common items. Today I am engraving a set of 6 cork coasters.

Raise your hand if you have coasters in your house?  Well, I can’t see you, but I’m sure a bunch of people have their hands up.  Coasters are just a way of life, helping to keep our coffee and end tables looking good.  Why have mundane coasters when you can have extraordinary ones?  Why not have monumental coasters?

Mount Rushmore is a great national monument.  Although it is not finished to the extent of the original plans, it remains one of the most recognized landmarks in the country.  I have been fortunate to have visited it several times in my life and would love to go back and take my children.  The whole park and surrounding area is a sight to see.

Why laser engraved coasters?

Some of my favorite things to laser engrave is the ordinary, run-of-the-mill items we all have around our homes.  It seems that all too often, we settle for household accessories due to availability, buying what we can find and like.  In this instance, I was able to take a set of inexpensive coasters from a local hobby shop costing about $4 and transform them into a one-of-a-kind accessory that can protect your furniture, start conversations, and educate your children.

Here is a video of the coasters being laser engraved.  At almost 2 minutes long, the video is short enough to enjoy  while providing a glimpse into the inner workings of laser engraving.  At the end, you will see the completed set of coasters.  The Mount Rushmore design took about 8 minutes to engrave so the playback is a little over 4 times normal speed to keep the length of the video short.

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Can You Etch It Roundup

For those of you who are keeping score, the list is as follows: Mount Rushmore coasters, house numbers, a cutting board6 social media iconsa mirror, a hand-drawn robot design, a CD jewel casea pair of drum sticksa luggage tag, a fishing reel, a couple of impact sockets, a drinking glassa little industrial labelinga baseballa Frappuccino bottle, a tennis ball, 12 Scrabble tiles, a custom ink stamp, Thank You cards, M&M’s, a slice of bread, a clothes pin, a cinnamon stick, a sweet potato, a walnut, and a toothpick. Let me know if you have any suggestions for future installments.

Don’t miss a single episode of Can You Etch It.  Subscribe to the Can You Etch It RSS feed

Have a great weekend.

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4 Responses to Can You Etch It – Coasters

  1. Goat Spots says:

    Very nice!  I love how they look 3D and are like a puzzle you can put together instead of every coaster looking exactly the same.  Nice and unique item.

    •  @goatspots Thanks for the comment.  I would have really liked more contrast on some of the mountain parts (below George Washington) but I think it turned out well.  Gets me thinking of how to use cork in the future.

  2. lasernettinc says:

    This is very neat! Just out of curiosity.. where did you get the coasters? I need some for my next laser etching project and i really like the colour and texture of the ones of the ones that you used!

    • Thanks for the message. I bought the coasters at Hobby Lobby. You can also find some at Bed Bath & Beyond. Those are a little thicker and I think will do a little better.

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