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Welcome to Can You Etch It, the web’s first laser engraving series that specializes in laser engraving strange, unique, and even common items. Today I am engraving an oak cutting board.

Cooking is an important part of life.  Even if you are not the one doing it, cooking touches our lives multiple times a day, from the smoothie you bought this morning to the sandwich you had for lunch all the way to that romantic dinner you had with your significant other.  Cooking is a vital part of society.  If not for cooking, how would we have that great American food, hamburgers?

The tools of cooking can range from the simple and inexpensive to the complex, powered, and pricey gadgets that often claim to make us better cooks.  Today, we look at the simple cutting board.

Cutting boards come in all shapes, sizes and materials.  Some are made from plastic material, some are anti-bacterial, and some are even flexible enough to be used as funnels, directing the goodies just prepared into the skillet.  They have to be easy to clean and disinfect, sturdy enough for use, and gentle on the knives they are used with.  The cutting board I’m working with today is made from oak, a very sturdy, dense wood.

Why laser engrave a cutting board?

One of the best things about having a laser engraving machine is the ability to customizing ordinary, everyday items.  Since college, I have enjoyed cooking when I get the chance (I was fortunate enough to take an international cuisine class at Faulkner State Community College).  Knives have always been part of my life so much of the chopping and cutting duties at home fall on me.  It doesn’t matter how good your knife is without a good cutting board and unless you had to, why would you want a normal cutting board?

Here is a video of the cutting board being laser engraved.  It’s about 2 1/2 minutes long and includes a picture of the result at the end.  The design took about 9 minutes to engrave so I sped up the video in the middle to keep the time short.

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Can You Etch It Roundup

For those of you who are keeping score, the list is as follows: 6 social media iconsa mirror, a hand-drawn robot design, a CD jewel casea pair of drum sticksa luggage tag, a fishing reel, a couple of impact sockets, a drinking glassa little industrial labelinga baseballa Frappuccino bottle, a tennis ball, 12 Scrabble tiles, a custom ink stamp, Thank You cards, M&M’s, a slice of bread, a clothes pin, a cinnamon stick, a sweet potato, a walnut, and a toothpick. Let me know if you have any suggestions for future installments.

Don’t miss a single episode of Can You Etch It.  Subscribe to the Can You Etch It RSS feed

Have a great weekend.

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