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Welcome to Can You Etch It, the web’s first laser engraving series that specializes in laser engraving strange, unique, and even common items. Today I am customizing a luggage tag.

Traveling requires luggage.  Without buying all new clothes when you get to your destination, there is no way around it.  The longer you stay, the more luggage you will need.  Even if you are traveling just for the day for business, you often have a computer or other bag to carry with you in an effort to be productive.  Although you tell yourself that the bag will always be with you, what happens when it’s not?  You know what your luggage looks like, but how could everyone else?  How can you let the world know that your suitcase is indeed, your suitcase?  One solution is a luggage tag.

Luggage tags come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  If you are planning a trip, often a travel agent will even give you a luggage tag.  If you don’t have one at the airport, the airlines will provide them for free.  They don’t want you to lose you bags almost as much as you don’t want to lose them.  So why get a personalized luggage tag with all the free or cheap tags out there?  Does it really matter?

Free tags are nice, but to me, they always look as if they were added without too much though, almost as a last minute action.  You never know if the tag you picked up at the airport is going to fall apart of just fall off.  Aluminum tags are sturdy enough to stand quite a lot of abuse.  So, if you look out the window of your plane after you board and notice a familiar looking bag being thrown around by the baggage handlers, you don’t have to worry if you have an aluminum luggage tag.

Laser engraved luggage tags are extremely durable.  Unless you lose them, you can expect to have the same luggage tag for many years.  The luggage tag that is being engraved is 0.063″ thick.  To get a better idea in physical terms, the luggage tag is about as thick as a quarter.  They are made from anodized aluminum for greater durability and when combined with laser engraving, the result is amazing.

Why not add some personality to your luggage by adding a personalized luggage tag.  Do you own your own business?  Put your logo on the reverse side and use it while traveling for business.  Are you a fishing expert?  Show off your favorite fish on your luggage tag.  The possibilities are nearly endless.

Why a laser engraved luggage tag?

Often times in life, we do the best we can with what we can get.  The luggage I have bought in the past often came with some sort of luggage tag.  Those tags always seemed very cheap and difficult to read.  Besides, who can fit all your information on such a little piece of paper?  The precision of laser engraving allows for more information to be added to the card in a way that is easier to read and more attractive.  You can even add web addresses, email, and one of my favorites, the QR bar code.

Here is a video of the luggage tag being laser engraved.  The design is a little over 3 inches long and takes less than 2 minutes to be engraved.

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Can You Etch It Roundup

For those of you who are keeping score, the list is as follows: a luggage tag, a fishing reel, a couple of impact sockets, a drinking glassa little industrial labelinga baseballa Frappuccino bottle, a tennis ball, 12 Scrabble tiles, a custom ink stamp, Thank You cards, M&M’s, a slice of bread, a clothes pin, a cinnamon stick, a sweet potato, a walnut, and a toothpick. Let me know if you have any suggestions for future installments.

Don’t miss a single episode of Can You Etch It.  Subscribe to the Can You Etch It RSS feed

Have a great weekend.

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