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Welcome to Can You Etch It, the web’s first laser engraving series that specializes in laser engraving strange, unique, and even common items. Today I am engraving some social media icons.

Social media has connected the world.  We are able to keep up with friends and family easily through Facebook, share snippets of life through Twitter, and vote as a society for the most interesting news on Digg.  Some people consider it a waste of time, but social media is here to stay.  In moderation, it can be both fun and useful.  How else would we play Words with Friends?

The icons that were laser engraved were from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Digg, and RSS.  Facebook and Twitter you may already be familiar with, Google+ is a social network like Facebook with other features. LinkedIn can be thought of as Facebook for your career but is really much more. Digg is a social news site where users submit links and vote on the popularity of those links.  RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication and is the way many people read blogs, using a reader that gathers all new posts in one location.  This is only a small selection of the hundreds of social media sites available and they are all sites I use often.

Why laser engrave social media icons?

We are social, no doubt about that.  For punishment, we are put in solitary confinement, away from social interactions.  Humans crave what is social and there is no shortage of websites to give us that social interaction online.  One of the ways we recognize those sites are by their icons.  Those icons let us easily identify the important things in life, from the Nike swoosh to the the Red Cross logo, a small picture can bring to mind a flood of memories and thoughts.

Most of us have refrigerators and thus, many magnets for our use and enjoyment.  Many of the ones at my home are holding up pictures and the drawings of my children.  Some of the magnets have personal meaning, some are generic.  Why should we not include icons that represent our social interactions?  Plus, they are pretty neat looking.

Here is a video of the icons being laser engraved.  It is a little more than 2 minutes long and includes a couple of pictures of the result at the end.

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Can You Etch It Roundup

For those of you who are keeping score, the list is as follows: 6 social media icons, a mirror, a hand-drawn robot design, a CD jewel casea pair of drum sticksa luggage tag, a fishing reel, a couple of impact sockets, a drinking glassa little industrial labelinga baseballa Frappuccino bottle, a tennis ball, 12 Scrabble tiles, a custom ink stamp, Thank You cards, M&M’s, a slice of bread, a clothes pin, a cinnamon stick, a sweet potato, a walnut, and a toothpick. Let me know if you have any suggestions for future installments.

Don’t miss a single episode of Can You Etch It.  Subscribe to the Can You Etch It RSS feed

Have a great weekend.

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