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In this age of information, it is easy to find content in a variety of flavors, from blog posts to podcasts to YouTube videos and anything in between. There is so much consumable content that it is becoming more and more important to focus on quality.  Today, I would like to tell you about some great consumable content from Pat Flynn at

Few people around the web are as transparent as Pat.  Each month, he tells the world how much money he made from the internet.  It is very inspiring to see someone who has his toe in so many revenue pools and making such a great living from the internet.  He shares his techniques, tools, and ideas in a entertaining, down-to-earth way.  I am in the process of listening to his podcasts and have learned a lot from them.

The content at the Smart Passive Income blog can be divided into 3 categories: posts, podcasts, and videos

Consumable Content – Posts

The posts at are fantastic.  If you are just starting out at his site and with the idea of passive income, check out this post on Getting Started with Smart Passive Income.  It has some great information and will give you a foundation for what the site and Pat’s content is all about.

One of the things that drew me to was the Niche Site Duel where Pat and Tyrone Shum went head-to-head to create a income generating niche site.  The posts where they chronicled their work is a great source of information for those interested in niche sites and internet marketing in general.  I highly recommend this series of post as a great example of consumable content and an education in making money on the internet.

Consumable Content – Podcasts

I listen to a lot of podcasts.  Recently I completed my trek through the archives of (over 215 episodes) and have started with the Smart Passive Income Podcast.  The quality of the podcast is great, thanks to Cliff Ravenscraft (a.k.a. the Podcast Answer Man) and Pat’s desire to be successful.  A good starting place for the podcast is episode 15 – Types of Passive Income Generated Online and What to Expect From Each – Part 1 but don’t let that stop you from listening to all of them.  The content is great and it is an outstanding way to learn while driving.

Consumable Content – Videos

Not to rest on his laurels, Pat has been creating videos as well.  He has created over 45 videos and has, as of this writing, over 1.2 million video views.  One of the techniques I have learned from his videos is to use a digital tablet and screencast to explain a topic.  In this video, Pat shows you how to create that electronic white board for your videos.  I am anxious to try this technique myself.

Many of his videos explain techniques that will help your business and quest for online passive income.  I am working my way through his videos and the information is amazing.  The tips and tricks you can learn from Pat will greatly accelerator your learning curve and speed up your quest for passive income.

The Smart Passive Income empire encompasses a huge amount of consumable content just ripe for the picking.  Pat makes it easy to find all his content so head over to for all the great information.  You can also find him on iTunes and YouTube.

How are you taking advantage of the great consumable content available at Smart Passive Income?

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  1. Pat says:

    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the mention and all the kind words Alan! Cheers!

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