The joy of starting a business

Business man with a headacheStarting a business can be challenging.  Well, maybe challenging is a little bit of a understatement.  Starting a business can be down right mind blowing.  There is so much to do.  If you are like me and many of the new entrepreneurs, money is tight and you end up doing most of the jobs and tasks yourself.  But there is nothing else like it.

To the people that yearn for their own business, startup can be the most exciting time.  All the planning is coming to fruition, new things are happening, problems (or should I say, opportunities) are popping up everywhere.  It can be overwhelming.  What can you do?

Share the joy

You will need help in your new business.  It will happen.  Maybe not the first day or the second, but you will need help.  What kind of help do you need?  Depending on your proficiency with technology and business in general, you may need a website designer or accountant.  You may need any number of experts to fill in the gaps of you knowledge, skill, and time.  But would you hire a coach?

Professional athletes have coaches.  Chess players have coaches.  Many of the highly skilled people in this world have a coach in their field.  So why not you?  Justin Lukasavige at is one of the many business coaches out there.  He has a bi-weekly podcast you can find on iTunes or on his site that have terrific information as well as a Your Story series where he talks with other entrepreneurs about their business.

Not into the coaching thing?  Check out the Free Agent Academy, a membership site with courses to help you with your business an amazing community of people that will help in any way they can.  See what Justin Lukasavige says about the Free Agent Academy here.  Another great (and free) resource started by Dan Miller, author of 48 Days to the Work You Love, is  Both are ways to help you on your journey to self-employment, but there are many, many others. Pick one and get connected.

Not ready yet to plug into a community?  Try reading some business blogs.  Justin Lukasavige at and Kevin Miller at the Free Agent Academy both have great blogs on business.  You should also checkout Seth Godin and David Siteman Garland at The Rise to the Top, an outstanding site with tons of video interviews and great blog content.

Starting a business can be challenging, stressful, exciting, and possibly the best thing you will ever do.  If you have even thought about starting your own business, take one step; go to the library or bookstore and find a book on starting your own business.  I have read 48 Days to the Work You Love by Dan Miller twice and highly recommend it.  Try reading some business blogs.  Talk to friends and family about business they have started.  Do something.

What are you doing to find the joy of starting a business?

(photo by Ambro)

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