Laser Last Week – 01-29-12

Welcome to Laser Last Week where we explore some of the new information being published around the web dealing with laser engraving and assorted services.  I focus on the unique and remarkable, not the mass produced commodity.  This week was a particularly busy week, especially for Wednesday.  There are many examples of the amazing things that are possible with a laser engraver.  If you have found any that I have missed, please let me know in the comments.  Enjoy.

Laser Last Week Links

Monday, Jan 30, 2012Laser cut bees from In A Flash Laser

Wednesday, Feb 1, 2012Laser engraved monuments from the East Texas Monument Co.

Wednesday, Feb 1, 2012 – Laser engraved monuments from Batesville Monument

Wednesday, Feb 1, 2012Good video of an M. C. Escher mobus design laser engraved onto a black anodized aluminum business card

Wednesday, Feb 1, 2012An interesting article from Texas about a law enforcement officer starting a laser engraving business after he retires

Wednesday, Feb 1, 2012Samsung to offer personalized laser engraving services on the new Samsung Note (only in South Korea at the moment).  It has an interesting picture of the laser equipment used with what appears to be the back of a phone installed, ready to engrave.  Very interesting.

Wednesday, Feb 1, 2012 – Butterfly Inlay kit from Kallenshaan Woods.  My absolute favorite site for woodturning pens.  The kits there are amazing and this Butterfly kit is truly remarkable.  Great job.

Saturday, Feb 4, 2012A newspaper article on several laser engraved murals done for the library in Biloxi, MS.  The complete murals are 9 feet by 13 feet, laser engraved on granite.  Amazing examples of the artwork that is possible with a laser engraver.

I hope you learned something about laser engraving today and how it can be used.  What was your favorite link?  Leave a comment and let me know.

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