Laser Last Week – 02-12-12

Welcome to Laser Last Week where we explore some of the new information being published around the web dealing with laser engraving and assorted services.  I focus on the unique and remarkable, not the mass produced commodity.  This week was good with 9 links. If you have found any that I have missed, please let me know in the comments.  Enjoy.

Laser Last Week Links

02-12-12 – Hurling Stick – Tinkering Monkey – Here is an interesting project for a customer that wanted something very specific.  If you have not heard of Hurling, on the Tinkering Monkey site, there is a video that explains it a little.  Interesting sport.  Great job on the laser engraving and project.

02-13-12 – A rattling hobby – Kennecbec Journal – In this article, Dr Kieran Kammerer makes heirloom hand turned baby rattles from high quality exotic woods.  One of the options buyers can choose is to have the child’s name, date of birth, birth weight, and city laser engraved onto the rattle.  The laser engraving is done by Hannah Manufacturing in Augusta, ME.  The gallery page at Hannah Manufacturing is very interesting.  Check it out.

02-13-12 – Laser engraving glass – YouTube – Here is an interesting video showing some flowers being engraved on glass.

02-16-12 – Laser cutting wood – YouTube – A short video of a laser in China vector cutting a small piece of wood.

02-17-12 – Laser engraved iPad from Make it Urz – Great job on a laser engraved iPad and Kindle Fire with added color.

02-17-12 – How to prep art for laser engraving – YouTube – Great video showing the process of getting an image  ready for laser engraving. If you have some art you want laser engraved, drop me a line and we’ll talk about it.

02-17-12 – Laser engraving acrylic – MPD Acrylics – Really nice images of some laser engraved samples.

02-18-12 – A Unique Pop-up Origami Fabrication of Micro Robots – – Great article and video showing a new technique created by Harvard Microrobotics lab.  Amazing what is being created and invented.

I hope you learned something about laser engraving today and how it can be used.  What was your favorite link?  Leave a comment and let me know.

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