Laser Last Week – 03-11-12

Welcome to Laser Last Week where we explore some of the new information being published around the web dealing with laser engraving and assorted services.  I focus on the unique and remarkable, not the mass produced commodity.  This week had 11 links that were interesting enough to make the list. If you have found any that I have missed, please let me know in the comments.  Enjoy.

Laser Last Week Links

3-17-12 – Police offer tips on protecting your property from thieves – The Laconia Daily Sun – Great article talking about program to personalize electronic items (iPods, iPads, cell phones, etc) in an effort to prevent theft.  It works in New Hampshire, why not in your area?

3-16-12Laser Etching Anodized Aluminum – Instructables – Great tutorial taking you step-by-step how to laser engrave the face plate of home built power amplifier

3-16-12 – Gear Review: Lyman Ideal Model Single Shot – Western Sportsman – Check out this replica Sharps rifle with a little laser engraving.  Great looking rifle, although I prefer the 1885 Browning High Wall chambered in a Black Powder Cartridge size (.40-65 is my favorite)

3-16-12iPad etching: Best swag from South by Southwest – Felix TV – YouTube – A short video of an iPad being laser engraved at South by Southwest

3-16-12laser etching macbook at tech shop – YouTube – A video of a Macbook being laser engraving with a Ducati motorcycle.  A little distracting with someone taking pictures at the same time, but interesting

3-16-12Laser Etching Terracotta Pots – Instructables Another interesting tutorial from Instructables, showing a terracotta clay pot being laser engraved

3-12-12 – OCHS, DAR event speaker: Taunton graves tell a message of mortality, culture – Wicked Local Dighton –  An interesting article about how grave markers have changed over the years with a small mention of how laser engraving, technology (QR bar codes), and videos are helping tell the person’s story.

3-12-12Custom coaster set – Tinkering Monkey – For you Star Wars fans out there, here are some themed coasters for you.

3-11-12Proper Nutrition For Your Laser – A & E Magazine – Great article about laser engraving fruit.  A must read

3-11-12 Laser Etching of a glass block – Thunderbolt Gun Works – Interesting video of a glass block being laser engraved.  A little long at almost 6 minutes, but interesting to watch

3-11-12Laser etching of AR-15 Dust Cover – Thunderbolt Gun Works – Showing up again, Thunderbolt Gun Works does a short video laser engraving the dust cover of an AR-15.  Looks great.

I hope you learned something about laser engraving today and how it can be used.  What was your favorite link?  Leave a comment and let me know.

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