Laser Last Week – 7-22-12

Welcome to Laser Last Week where we explore some of the new information being published around the web dealing with laser engraving and assorted services.  The focus is on the unique and remarkable, not the mass produced commodity.  This week there were 6 links that were interesting enough to make the list. If you have found any that I have missed, please let me know in the comments.  Enjoy.

Laser Last Week Links

  • 7-28-12 – Custom Laser Engraving for our iPhone, iPad and Macbook Cases – GreenWood – For all of you out there with an iPhone, iPad, or any Macbook, check out GreenWood.  They make custom cases for all those devices from several different woods including zebra wood and bamboo.  Not only that, but they can now customize the cases with laser engraving.  Stand out from the crowd AND be environmentally friendly at the same time.  Sounds like a great idea.
  • 7-25-12 – Our Work: ONCEMADE Beer – Haigh & Martino – Ham Blog – Looking for a great idea for that next product launch?  Check out what Haigh & Martino did for ONCEMADE Beer.  Laser engraving is a great way to make any product stand out (but then again, I am just a little bias…)
  • 7-24-12 – laser etching a spiral design on a glass – Instructables – Although this Instructable showed up second, it is the first of two interesting project involving two different designs laser engraved on the same glass.  Check them out.
  • 7-24-12 – Kindle Touch Engraving – In A Flash Laser – Do you have a Kindle Touch?  Looking for a great way to personalize it?  In A Flash Laser can help you, laser style.  Don’t have a Kindle Touch?  They do all kinds of devices and great art work.  Check them out.
  • 7-23-12 – laser etching a school logo on a glass – Instructables – Here is a great Instructable showing how a school logo was engraved on a glass.  It is always great to see people trying new things and letting the world know about it. 
  • 7-23-12 – NASA flinging Portal 2’s space core into space, sort of – – Wouldn’t it be cool if you could laser etch something that would go into space?  Well, that is what an anonymous NASA technician was able to do.  I’m not familiar with the game Portal 2 but from what I hear, it is very popular.  Score one for the geeks of the world…

I hope you learned something about laser engraving today and how it can be used.  What was your favorite link?  Leave a comment and let me know.

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