Laser Mash-up – Paracord Bracelets and Laser Engraved Tags

Have you been looking for a paracord bracelet?  If so (or if not…), you’re in luck.  Dave Williams at Keep It Simple Stupid Paracords can create one just for you.  He has several colors to choose from and with just a wrist measurement, he will fix you up.

Dave has several options available so head over to the Keep It Simple Stupid Paracords Facebook page and send him a message if you are not sure and he’ll walk you through the decision process.  By now, you may be wondering what is the laser engraving angle; one of the available options is a laser engraved tag that is attached to the bracelet.

Whether you support for all the POW/MIA soldiers, breast cancer awareness, or your pirate side, Keep It Simple Stupid Paracords can make you a bracelet.  If you support all of those things but want something different on your bracelet, send Dave or me a message and we’ll help.

So the next time you are looking for a gift idea, a piece of usable jewelry, or a great way to show your support, check out Keep It Simple Stupid Paracords and let Dave show off his creative side.

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