Monitoring your brand – Are you protected?

Brands are fragile things.  Customer sentiment can turn on you like a pack of rabid dogs if your business shows contempt, indifference, or any thing that looks similar.  To most companies, their brand is the life blood of their success, communicating quality, value, and service all in just a few words.

If you own a company that doesn’t monitor it’s brand, you should be asking yourself why.  Why are you ignoring your customer’s problems?  Why are you choosing not to engage with them?  Why are you spending time and money building a brand while letting it disintegrate from the ground up through comments and hard feelings?

There is too much is at stake to let our brands fend for themselves in the wild.  We must protect them. There will be attacks.  There will be angry customers.  There will be opportunities for us to show our engagement with our customers, that we care about their problems, and that they are more than just numbers, sales, and dollar amounts.  With tools such as Google Alerts and Twitter, technology has made it easier but the responsibility falls on our shoulders to take the initiative and protect what we have built.

Yes, brands are very fragile but with the proper nurturing and protection, they will prosper.  Their survival depends on our help.  Do your business a favor and keep an eye on the brand.  You’ll be glad you did.

How are you monitoring your brand and engaging with customers?

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