New Product: Laser engraved Luggage Tag and a revised schedule

Today is the launch of a new product: a laser engraved Luggage Tag.  Imagine how much better your bags will look with a personalized, laser engraved, anodized aluminum luggage tag with your name on it (literally…).  If you want to hand-draw your own design for the ultimate in custom design, check out the design sheet for a template.

If you like this tag, check out last week’s episode of Can You Etch It for a video or head to YouTube.  This particular design is of a red fish or red drum.  If a fish can look this good on a luggage tag, imagine what your design will look like.

Revised schedule

At the beginning of this year when I started Book Worm Laser & Design, I set a goal to release a new product every two weeks.  Now that we are more than 12 weeks into 2012, there should be more products than the two that are available ( It’s A Balloon and Luggage Tag).

The current publishing schedule for new posts has been every week day.  To be able to better focus on new products and designs, the new publishing schedule will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with a few extras thrown in every so often, especially when there is a new product to launch.  Thanks for your support and your continued reading.  Have a great day.

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