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Goats everywhere: the launch of a few new products

Over the past few weeks, I have shared a few designs in progress and a sneak peek at the new products being launched.  Today, we’ll discuss all the latest products here, all in one place.  So, here we go…

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Sneak Peek – Acrylic Fainted Goat Earrings

Building on the success of a few in-progress designs, here is a sneak peek at a new product being launched soon.   Don’t make any loud noises, they may faint.  

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Goat Wisdom – 3 Business Lessons We Can Learn From Goats

My wife and I raise goats.  Not just any goats, but Tennessee Fainting Goats (aka Myotonic or stiff legged goats).  We have had a herd for about 10 years ranging from the small (4-5 goats) to the large (over 100 … Continue reading

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