There’s an app for that

Picture of my TV with The Rise to the Top VIZIO Internet AppTechnology is amazing.  Every day (almost literally, every day) someone or company makes an improvement that involves technology.  Cell phones are rarely just cell phones, but communication devices, information sources, jukeboxes, and entertainment devices.  As more and more everyday devices become connected to the internet, the uses we have for these devices grows.  How can you use this trend to your advantage in your business and marketing?

I purchased a flat screen TV about six months ago.  I often felt like I was one of the only people who did not have one, but that is another story.  The particular model I purchased was a VIZIO XVT323SV.  Before purchasing this TV, I knew what I was missing in quality (I had an old tub TV that was on its last leg) but I had no idea what else the newer TV could offer.  This particular TV has an internet connect built in.  It can connect to your network via wireless or wired connection.  Connecting a TV to the internet is neat but is it useful?  What can you really do with an internet connected TV?

Yep, there’s an app for that

Like many electronic devices of the day, functionality is mostly controlled by applications.  For the TV I purchased, the selection of these VIZIO Internet Apps (or V.I.A) is limited but is seems to be growing.  There are apps for children, apps for social media (Facebook, Twitter, Flikr, etc), apps to let you watch movies (Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Vudu, etc) and even a built-in app for web videos.  This last one, the web videos, I have particularly enjoyed since it allows me to watch TED talks. If you have never heard of TED talks, I discuss them briefly on a post at  I enjoy watching instructive or educational videos in the evening to wind down.  I have already watched most of the TED talks that interest me so I recently browsed the list of apps on the TV just to see if anything was new.  I was very happy to see a familiar face from a video interview site I enjoy watching, David Siteman Garland from The Rise to the Top.

From a marketing standpoint, the more senses you engage when you communicate with a potential customer, the more likely they will remember you and your business.  Many people and businesses have turned to video as a way to engage both sight and sound for a more lasting impression.  There are way too many to name, but one that really stands out to me is The Rise to the Top.  David Siteman Garland has done an amazing job getting interviews with some of the web (and world’s) most interesting people, including: Tim Ferriss, Seth Godin, Max Tucker, Chris Brogan among many, many others (over 265 interviews to date).  His content is outstanding and his guests are world class.  So what are the secrets that make him different from other sites offering interviews?

Many sites have iPhone apps.  Some may also have Android apps.  How many have VIZIO Internet apps for internet connected TVs?  The Rise to the Top is the only one I have found.  If you want to watch David Siteman Garland interview a guest, you can go to the site, to iTunes, through an RSS feed, and now on your TV.  It is remarkable how accessible the interviews from The Rise to the Top are and how many different ways you can view them.  The barriers to the content are all but eliminated.  The marketing David does is great but the sheer accessibility of the videos is a huge key to the success. He is really getting the word out to the far corners of the world and the internet, something we can all take notice of and learn from.

So how are you spreading the word about your business?  Are you interacting with your customers?  You don’t have to have an iPhone app or something that allows customers to access your business via their TV (that would be cool) but you need to be doing something that fits your business.  Different customers interact with businesses and each other in different ways so the easier you make it for a customer to choose you, the more likely they are to actually choose you.  If you make it hard for a customer to buy your products or services, they will go somewhere else.  That is one reason why so many businesses are getting involved in social media.  These companies want to interact with their customers, provide support and build a community around their business and brands.

It is no longer possible to have a store and advertise in the ways of the past and expect to grow as a business.  We as business owners have to provide remarkable products and services but also make it as simple as possible for customers to buy our products and utilize our services.

  • How many ways can a customer contact you?
  • Is it easy for a prospect to happen upon your business?
  • What would a person who knows nothing about your company have to go through to do business with you?

Gone are the days of long phone hold times, poor customer service, and companies that just don’t care.  Customers rarely tolerate those type issues from companies.  With so many choices, customers are voting with their dollars and that is an election I don’t want to lose.  How about you?

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