Wedding Anniversary Gifts – A Laser Engraving Perspective

A wedding anniversary is a time for celebration.  It is the one day to officially express the love you show everyday for that special someone.  At times, it is difficult to find the perfect gift.  Do you buy candy?  Flowers?  A night on the town?  Do you go the more traditional route, selecting a theme from an anniversary list?

According to a Wikipedia article, the Modern list of anniversary gifts date back to 1937.  Maybe it’s just me, but 1937 does not mean modern to me, but at least we can get some ideas.  Here is the list through the first ten years with the Traditional gift, the Modern gift, and a laser engraving suggestion.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

1st Year – Paper (Traditional), Clocks (Modern)

Laser engraving perspective:

Decorative laser cut note cards and envelopes for her.  What lady would not like elegant note cards to send a handwritten note to that special friend.

For the man in you life, why not buy him a watch with a personal message just from you, laser engraved on the back.

2nd – Cotton (Traditional), China (Modern)

Wedding anniversary gift ideas - Laser engraved blue jeans from

Laser engraved blue jeans from Tattoo Your Jeans

Laser engraving perspective:

Both men and women like to be casual at times.  Why not go for laser engraved blue jeans such as these from  The laser engraving show up white and results in a remarkable pair of jeans, personalized for your spouse.  Just try not to be too embarrassing if you expect your spouse to enjoy their gift in public.

3rd – Leather (Traditional), Crystal, Glass (Modern)

Laser engraving perspective:

Leather looks great when laser engraved with an initial, special message, or heartfelt image.  Ideas in leather range from iPad cases to wallets and handbags (like this one from Saddleback Leather) to leather accessories and jewelry.

Crystal and Glass laser engrave well and have a frosted appearance afterwards.  A nice set of customized glasses or special bottle of wine, laser engraved with a message.  These materials create gifts that will last for years.

4th – Linen, Silk (Traditional), Appliances (Modern)

Laser engraving perspective:

Is your spouse a smoothie making machine?  Consider a nice blender with a personal message laser etched on the pitcher.

5th – Wood (Traditional), Silverware(Modern)

Laser engraved iPhone case from Etsy seller Signimade

Laser engraved iPhone case from Etsy seller Signimade

Laser engraving perspective:

There are many great gift ideas created from wood; picture frames, decorative items around the house, iPhone cases, etc.  Choose an item that your spouse will use all the time and personalize it with laser engraving.  Every time they use it, they will think of you (picture from

Personalized silverware is a luxury, something to bring out when important guests are visiting.  Why not pick an elegant set of stainless steel flatware and have the handles laser engraved with an elegant initial.

6th – Iron (Traditional), Wood objects (Modern)

Laser engraving perspective:

A repeat from the 5th year, wood objects are great at adding warmth and visual appeal to a room.  Choose an heirloom quality item such as a trunk, jewelry box, or keepsake box, and have it personalized for future generations to come.  If your spouse is a cook, find some great wood cooking utensils and personalize with a quote or special message.

7th – Wool, Copper (Traditional), Desk sets (Modern)

Laser engraving perspective:

Desk sets are a great idea for the business person or executive in your life as well as a great idea for around the house.  Select a nice set and personalize it with a special message or quotation.

8th – Bronze (Traditional), Linens, Lace (Modern)

Wedding anniversary gift ideas - Cloth napkins

Laser engraved cloth napkins - Epilog Laser

We all like our homes to look nice, especially when guest visit.  Consider a set of laser engraved cloth napkins as a gift.  It will show your guests that you are environmentally minded as well as having a great sense of style.

9th – Pottery (Traditional), Leather Goods (Modern)

Laser engraving perspective:

Leather makes another appearance (first was the 3rd year) and it is still a great option.  Leather wallets, belts, and household accessories make great gifts when personalized with a little laser engraving.

10th – Tin, Aluminum (Traditional), Diamond (Modern)

Laser engraving perspective:

Anodized aluminum laser engraves beautifully.  Why not get the business person in you life a supply of aluminum business cards or an aluminum business card holder.  The detail that is possible with laser engraving is amazing.

Diamonds, they say, are a girl’s best friend.  Often times, diamonds are laser engraved with identification codes to verify ownership and quality.  Why not search out some great diamond jewelry for her, and make sure the diamonds are laser engraved, just to be safe.

I hope this list gets you thinking about your anniversary or an upcoming anniversary of friends or family.  If you have any questions about wedding anniversary gift ideas or laser engraving, I’m here to help.  Please let me know at  Have a great weekend

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