What’s in your portfolio?

Why do we work?  Why do we create?  For most of us, we work for the money and we create because we are compelled.  We choose to work and we must create.  But is the work we do and our creations worth letting the world know about?  Is that latest project worthy of our portfolio?

I create for me but I hope that my creations enrich the world.  In a recent post, Can I see your body of work, Seth Godin writes about the importance of not only doing good work, but making it easy for others to find.  In the past, resumes allowed people to tell others what they had accomplished in their careers.  With all the ways of sharing information now, it is easier than ever to share a portfolio, not just talk about out accomplishments.

Do you have a portfolio or a list of your projects and accomplishments?  Is it easy to find?

If you don’t have a list, start one.  If it is not easy to find, put the list on the web in some way, maybe a blog, online portfolio, etc.  Don’t have anything to put on your list?  Get to work.  As Seth said, if you don’t have anything interesting to put on your list, “…you probably need to be doing better work.”

What is your best work and creation of the past month?  Leave me a comment.

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